Teacher Training 2013

BUTI ® is the future of group fitness. Incorporating yoga and dance with plyometric and conditioning circuits -- BUTI® is sure to satisfy the broadest group fitness demographic. Our group fitness style appeals not only to frequent yoga-goers, but to competitive athletes and fitness class fanatics alike. By enrolling in BUTI's Level 1 Teacher Certification, you can have access to a group fitness style that combines the best of both worlds -- all of the deep stretching, hip-openers blended with intervals of dance-based cardio and plyometric drills that melt bodyfat and tone muscles. Sound interesting? Just wait!
Courtesy of O.F.F. Kauai BUTI Girls

BUTI ® Basics:
Classes range from 60-90 minutes and are based on a yoga “vinyasa.” BUTI seemlessly connects yoga poses to plyometric circuits and BUTI shaking cardio.  Although  BUTI utilizes a variety of dance styles, no rigid choreography is used. Most classes use a maximum of 3 grouped movements at a time, to keep things fast paced and easy to learn. Unlike traditional yoga, BUTI favors dynamic movements. When BUTI’s do yoga Warrior sequences, they incorporate hip circles of varying speeds to warm-up the core and engage the Quads and Glutes. BUTI utilizes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) throughout the class to ensure maximum fat burn.  Throughout the class, attention is paid to stretching each muscle group worked to achieve faster recovery time. Each workout is finished with a yoga-based restorative practice and a 3- minute “savasana” meditation.


5/11-12 Minneapolis, MN @ Sparrow Studios
5/18-19 NYC, NY @ Lucille Roberts 
5/25-26 Vancouver, BC @ Steve Nash Fitness
TBA London
TBA Rome @ Hard Candy

To register for any of our BUTI® Instructor Certifications, visit http://www.butifitness.com/teacher-training/