Tension vs Relaxation


Don't make the mistake of allowing stress to rob you of your glow, your sexy or your metabolic power!

We live in a culture that praises productivity and hard-work. While there is virtue in both, too much can create tension in our spiritual and physical beings.

BUTIsattva,  we encourage you to challenge the cultural norm, embrace your true nature of peace and experience the electric benefits found in pleasure and relaxation! 

This week replace everyday worry with in-the-moment gratitude, take a break from your desk and step outside for a dose of fresh air and vitamin D or simply breathe deeply and practice the art of living in the present. Hopefully you find pleasure in your BUTI classes too, enjoy your feminine body and flow during class. 

Embracing a life of pleasure will have a direct and dramatic impact on your life-force energy, your vibration and your health (and MANY studies prove pleasure improves productivity!)

Happy Monday to you all!

With love and gratitude,
MC and Bizzie 

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