Is Your Wellness Plan Lacking in Vitamin H?

Good ol' Vitamin H: Happy!

Endless studies agree that happy people live longer, look younger, have less illness, and weigh less! 

And Audrey says it outright, "Happy girls are the prettiest". 

All my guy friends agree with Audrey.

Maybe you didn't get in all the kale and BUTI you would have liked this weekend and now you are sitting at your desk feeling down and out with the monday blues?

Please, dear one, do not let this "set-back" steal your sparkle! 

Yes diet and exercise are big players in the game of wellness. Choose well, be consistent. 

Yet diet and exercise alone cannot give you sparkle in today's meeting or make you irresistible on a saturday night! 

Only your unique and authentic smile can do that. 

Prioritize your happy. 

Discover what turns you on that has nothing to do with food or exercise. 

Add these things to your wellness cocktail this week. Watch as things start to move and shift in the direction of all your desires: love, money, weight loss, and more. 

Kale salad will be there waiting for you at noon. 

Smile today pretty one, your sparkle and health are depending on it. 

(practice slipping a smile in now….yup, just as we suspected, so pretty)

BUTI Love,