Feeling puffy? Mrs Sniffles? Consider this...

Hello Butisattvas! 

Today we’re talkin’ dairy

And oh what a touchy subject it can be....

Has a trainer, doctor, or friend ever suggested you cut dairy out of your diet?

Many BUTIsattvas will easily open to the idea of Grain-Free living but suggest a dairy-free way of life  and suddenly we have a scene from Braveheart in which they passionately defend dairy’s honor exclaiming:

“You can take my life but you can never take my dairy!

We hear you. Parting with dairy's milky ways is hard. Today we simply bring you facts and options:  

3 Reasons Why Dairy's A Dietary Downer:

1. Digestive Disaster: Got symptoms of IBS? Constipated? Strange smelling flatulence? As humans, we lose the enzyme needed to digest and assimilate lactose, the sugar found in milk. Over 75% of people suffer from lactose intolerance. Sugars left undigested end up in the colon where they ferment and can cause bloating, nausea, flatulence, diarrhoea and cramping. If you're feeling puffy and not sure why remove dairy for one week. You will see changes in your muscular definition and energy!

2. Mucus Monster: Allergies? Mrs Sniffles? Dairy is super fuel for congestion and mucus. Drop dairy - breathe happy.

3. Brittle Bones: Despite the numerous campaigns hailing dairy as bone building king, this is simply not true. Dairy is incredibly acidic when metabolized in the body. In order to neutralise the acidic load and bring the body back into balance the body must take calcium from our bones. This process puts us more at risk of developing osteoporosis. Need calcium? Load up on 1 cup of Collard greens which pack 357mg of no bulls@%# calcium (compared to 280mg in 1 cup of milk).

3 Delicious + Satisfying Dairy Alternatives
(Like for real slap your moo-moo-cow mama good) 

1. Coconut Milk*: Sub coconut milk in smoothies or coffee (we like So Delicious

*we also love almond milk: special post on our favorite brands + recipes later this week! 

2. Chia Pods - Um hello morning yogurt or afternoon snack alternative! These are oh so delicious and packed with healthy fats from superfood chia to keep you satisfied way longer than dairy's yogurt alternative. Try these convenient pods as-is or top with coconut flakes + fresh berries! 

3. Ice Cream: Luna + Larry's Coconut Bliss. O-M-Give me more! Check out various flavors here. We love Mint Galactica and Vanilla Island. What's your bliss?

There you have it! Will you give these alternatives a try? 

With Love, 

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