Detox from the OUTSIDE-IN: Skin Care, Your Hormones and Your Health

Greetings BUTIsattvas, 

Most people will agree that what goes IN our bodies has a direct impact on our health. 

Yet few people are talking about the products we put ON our bodies and their equally powerful effects.

Our skin is extremely permeable absorbing all ingredients found in lotions, sprays, and the such then rapidly delivering them into our bloodstreams.  

To help us ensure we aren't flooding our sweet blood with poison, I called my friend and toxic-free skin care expert Monique Reavis of Goddess Huntress.  She's looking fabulous on the front lines of this topic as she continually discovers simple and valuable information we should all pay attention to for happy skin and a healthy body.

This week Monique shares with us her top 3 things to consider when choosing skin care products. 

Goddess Huntress' Top 3 things to consider with skin care products:
  • Fragrance - Fragrance is one of the most toxic beauty products and beauty ingredients out there.  Unfortunately, companies do not have to disclose the components of fragrances on labels because it is considered intellectual property and is protected by trade secret laws. Many of our beloved fragrance sprays contain endocrine disruptors which can wreak havoc on our hormones.  Endocrine disruptors are linked to early onset puberty, genital deformities, man boobs, diabetes, breast and prostate cancer. Luckily the companies that do use healthy ingredients in their fragrance formulas are the ones who will tell you all about it on their labels.  If you only see the word "fragrance" listed as an ingredient, walk away and don't inhale.

Monique's fragrance fav: Lurk Fragrances

  • Sunscreen - Monitor your sunscreen. Stay the hell away from sunscreens listing "oxybenzone" or "retinyl palmitate" as active ingredients or other ingredients.  Both of these chemical nasties are actually photo-carcinogens, which mutate into carcinogens when exposed to sunlight...completely counter to skin cancer prevention. Also stay away from sunscreens with the ingredient prefix "nano" or "micronized" because since those ingredient particles are so minuscule in size, you may risk it entering your blood stream. Check out how your sunscreen rates HERE.
Monique's sunscreen fav: COOLA Suncare

  • Nails - The nail industry has really listened to consumers and nail technicians' concerns about toxic ingredients. The majority of brands are now 3 free (free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate) and there are other outstanding brands cleaning up even further by removing camphor and formaldehyde resin...Chanel and Dior are 5 free.  Bring your own clean nail polish to the nail salon.  If you are unsure if the salon's base coat is 3 free, bring your own. Here is my growing list of clean nail polishes.

Monique's nail polish fav: RGB Cosmetics

Thank you Monique for the quick tips! 

For more education on toxic ingredients check out Monique's "Stay the Hell Away From" List.

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