BUTI Ushers Yoga into the Divine Feminine

The times are changing. We all feel it. Time is seemingly speeding up.
We all know that the world is shifting toward something feminine -- we just aren't sure how.

Surrounded by negativity and stress, people are searching for an escape. In generations past, many have dabbled in drug-use as a means to escape. OUR generation has turned to (or should we say back to) YOGA. Yoga, despite its flowing nature, has long been dominated by male influence and rigidity. Can you name a well-known female guru from the past? I didn't think so. Souls are waking up -- becoming aware that their bodies extend far past the reaches of their skin and sinews -- out into the universe. Our world is moving away from its rigid, patriarchal beginnings toward something new, something free and feminine. BUTI is the catalyst toward this divine feminine Shakti transformation.

Shakti is not only the cosmic energy that gives way to life -- it is the vehicle for change. BUTI activates our Shakti and gives birth to new ideas, new manifestations of our personality -- overall transformation. BUTI is focused on an intense shaking of the hips coupled with an extreme opening of the Heart. These movements allow the Shakti to spiral freely, infusing every cell in our body with light and love. We pour sweat, we laugh, we stretch, we leave feeling so sore -- but we all know that each push-up, each BUTI shake, each downward dog, each arm balance, and each savasana -- brings us closer to our universal TRANSFORMATION.

With Love,