Let Go or Get Dragged - Why We Ditched Dieting

Hello Beautiful BUTIsattvas~

I am very excited about today's blog!

For the past few months we’ve been compiling all the concepts of what we believe it takes to live an authentically healthy, happy, and hot life as a BUTIsattva.

Inspired to support you in ways beyond the mat, we geeked out over our computers one afternoon (in a fabulous Beverly Hills Salon as we were getting our hair done duh) and birthed the:

8 Pillars of our "Love Yourself Skinny" Approach

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you an overview of each of these pillars!  Each build on the one before and all, when practiced together, work to usher women into the life of body bliss that diets and programs past have consistently failed to deliver on.

So let’s jump in!

Love Yourself Skinny Pillar #1: Let Go

We'll start with a little tale:

I (MC) spent years trying really hard gripping tightly to the weight loss wagon - harder workouts, fewer calories, crash diets, extreme deprivation, etc. A ton of work with no results: I was still puffy, extremely low energy, no sex drive, and a shit self esteem. Calories were stressing me. Daily weighing was stressing me. My life had been reduced to numbers on scale and numbers on a box.

One day after a particularly intense round of “extreme dieting - rapid weight gain” cycle, I found myself in a state of total depression and isolation.

I knew instinctively something had to change.

At the time my only solution was to go at it again, gear up for another round of crazy.  All of the usual protagonists were back in the line up: Snug Pants Sally, Avoiding Mirrors Annie, and Hiding Out Haley. The stage was set for me to perform my next diet...

Of course THIS time I’d get it right. THIS time it would last. THIS time was the answer.

That day, I literally was at a bookstore buying a diet book and at the checkout counter I noticed this magnet: (pictured above)

"Let go or get dragged."

Instantly I knew it was time for me to let go of the proverbial weight loss wagon with all of it’s rules and regulations OR continue to be dragged through the destruction and devastation brought on by clinging to it’s misguided and empty promises.

Yes, a magnet in a bookstore opened my eyes and essentially gave me the vision and permission I needed to stop torturing my body and start living.

I can still feel the sense of relief in the moment I allowed my body to FEEL that option.

Let go? What a concept.

You see, we at BUTI believe the calories in/calories out equation is crap (and all other dogmatic diets for that matter). We’ve been told this is what we must do to lose weight, so we force our bodies under these strict and lifeless guidelines. When really all we’re doing is creating a constant state of stress on our systems.

Counting calories, measuring every bite, and daily weighing are actions that cause stress to our bodies, especially our female bodies.

These actions, by nature, are masculine (linear and measurable).

We believe the problem occurs as women continue to place their intuitive and creative female bodies under these rigid formulas.

In this environment the female body suffers and is stressed.

And no body, no matter how perfect it’s diet, will produce weight loss or health in a stressed system.

Therefore, it’s time to let ALL of that go.

If you are experiencing a stalemate in your body the MOST essential thing you must do is rid your system of stress.

And that starts with Letting Go.

In what ways do you sense yourself gripping in your life to things, people, or behaviors that are no longer serving you?

Where do you feel that if you were to just let go, an instant sense of relief would flood your body?
Take a moment to truly ask yourself this question.

Whatever areas just came up for you, we believe is the key to unlocking the flow that you desire in your life, health, and metabolism.

Knowing that I had to let go of my dieting ways was thrilling and terrifying.

I was thrilled by the sense of freedom and possibility.

Yet I was terrified of losing control, spending days eating ice cream, and getting fat.

Without my rules, what was I going to do?

We’ve got your answer: Find out what really turns you on!

Yes this is your post “letting go” homework :)

It’s time to get your female body in the flow and relaxed because a relaxed body is a body ready to release (unwanted pounds, stored up anger, underlying disease etc).

And what better way to relax than to get TURNED ON.

Find what truly turns you on, and as you do notice how your metabolism magically turns on as well.

It’s time to rediscover what makes you HAPPY. And we challenge you to use your creativity here: think beyond food.

What activities that used to light you up, have fallen to the wayside as you so diligently gave your all to dieting?
Pursue those things with the same vigor you pursued those damn diets.

We know you have the discipline in you - we just want you to transfer that dedication to the discipline of FUN!
The end goal is that your life will be so filled with “Primary foods that nourish you that do not come on a plate where mealtimes are just part of the enjoyable equation of your life.

And this,BUTIsattvas, is the beginning of our "Love Yourself Skinny Approach". You have our full support in letting go of anything that is no longer serving you and embracing a life of true desire and happiness all for the sake of health and hotness!

Hop over to our WELLNESS page for more complete information on our Signature Food Philosophy which provides more information on Primary Foods (foods that nourish you and do not come on a plate), holistic practices, recipes, and more!

With all our love and support,