Atlanta BUTI Instructor Training

Join us at Fancy Footwork Fitness in Lawrenceville, GA April 6th & 7th for our FIRST BUTI Instructor Certification in the South. Training days run 10am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

If you own a studio or are the GM of Group Fitness Program -- please email christine@butifitness.com to inquire about group rates.

BUTI Instructor Certification courses are AFAA and ACE accredited for CEU's. The BUTI format has a broad demographic appeal and extremely high rates of program adherence! Trainings are open to any person regardless of prior experience or certification. As long as you come in good cardiovascular shape and ready to learn -- we will help you attain BUTIsattva status!

Click here to REGISTER: http://www.butifitness.com/teacher-training/

Photo Credit: Sundey Dillberg at O.F.F. Kauai