Downloadable MEAL PLANS UP NOW!

Do you struggle with figuring out what to eat every second of the day? Do you dread grocery shopping and roam around the aisles aimlessly? You can stop that NOW!

We realize how hard it is to plan and create meals every day for yourself and your family -- not to mention trying to find a balance between delicious and nutritious. That is why we have created the BUTI Meal Plans. We are taking the guess work out of grocery shopping, cooking and keeping you lean and healthy.

Our meal plans are available in Grain-Free / Dairy Free and  Gluten-Free. For many people suffering chronic illnesses or symptoms, going Grain-Free / Dairy-Free is the MOST important thing you can do for yourself.

I (Bizzie) was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 20 years old -- covered in rash, having whole-body muscle spasms, swollen lymph nodes all over my body -- I knew something had to change.  The doctors wanted to put me on steroids-- so naturally I decided to do an ALL-Greens cleanse because I'm a hippie : ) Steroids were NOT the answer for me. I cleaned out all of the toxins and started with a clean slate. When I reintroduced foods again I kept it 100% grain-free (corn too!) and dairy-free. My symptoms NEVER came back -- until I got pregnant and threw my diet out the window -- but that's another story entirely.

After my pregnancy, I went back on my Grain-Free / Dairy-Free diet and now consider it an important way of life. My daughter is a sensitive little chica too and she has seen amazing results from it as well.

I try to make all of my recipes kid-friendly and those that aren't ARE time friendly so that you can multi-task and still take care of your little ones.

MC is creating the Gluten-Free plan -- a GREAT first step! It was a step I took 9 years ago and NEVER looked back. It will help you in so many different ways -- weight-loss, inflammation, migraines, lack of energy -- you name it and two weeks after going GF you will see RESULTS!

It's up to you which you choose. Starting Gluten-Free is the best first step, however,  if you have chronic conditions or are looking to shed pounds as fast as possible, Grain-Free / Dairy Free is best.

Mc and I look forward to giving you tasty, realistic recipes every week to keep you BUTI-shaking and loving life!

With BUTI-ful Love and Appreciation for You All,

Bizzie Gold & MC Shurrett