Ready to Join Team BUTIFit?

Join us March 10th for the launch of Team BUTIFit, our online streaming workout subscription service. We offer two packages: TONE for $39.99 per month, which includes three 75 minute streaming BUTI workouts per week and access to our Team BUTIFit forum for nutritional suggestions, recipes, and other motivational health and wellness information. Our SCULPT package, $59.99 per month, includes three BUTI workouts with 2 added plyometric circuit workouts per week. Our SCULPT package is perfect for those who feel they need extra an extra cardio burn to facilitate weight loss or competitive athletes looking to enhance speed and performance and push themselves to the next level. TONE is the perfect fit for clients seeking long, lean muscle tone -- a dancer's physique or those who are in a "maintenance phase" of the fitness program.

These rates are valid until June 1, 2012. We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals and getting to know each of you through our interactive forum at Team BUTIFit. See you for our first workout on March 10th!

Bizzie Gold (Your BUTI Founder / Personal Trainer) & MC Burson (Your Personal Trainer / Nutritional Consultant)