Congrats to Denver Graduates

A big congrats to all the lovely ladies who worked so hard this weekend to complete the Denver BUTI™ Teacher Training. You ladies are all inspirational and exceptionally FIT!!!! Everyone passed the fitness test and had the most amazing demo classes I've seen to date. I am so excited to watch BUTI and BUTIcycle take over Colorado. The graduates are:

Allison Beggs        Greely / Fort Collings, CO                 soulblossoms@yahoo.com
Nicole Benallo      Henderson, CO                                    afd_ndolce@hotmail.com
Tabor Bonde         Denver / Lakewood, CO                   taborbonde@yahoo.com
Carol Diaz            Denver, CO                                          thatscarol@gmail.com
Lucy Galperson   Orange County, CA                           lucygalperson@me.com
Seana Harvey      Denver, CO                                         seanaharvey2005@yahoo.com
Kristina Serna     Pasadena, CA                                     kristina.serna@gmail.com
Whitney Tatum    Denver, CO                                       wltatum@gmail.com

With Love,