BUTI Moves to Boost Early Morning Metabolism

BUTI Sumos
Start from wide squat position, feet angled at 45 degrees. Hands move from knees to heart to hollow body. Each rep you will jump from wide squat to hollow body position, landing back in wide squat. REMEMBER -- movements are fast a powerful -- push yourself (3 sets x 10 reps)

Forearm Plank Static Hold (30 Seconds) to Toe Lift (10x each side)  Knee to Elbow (15x each side)
Starting from Forearm Plank, hold static for 30 seconds. 10 Leg Lifts (R side) to 15 Knee to Elbow  (R side) , 10 Leg Lifts (L Side) to 15 Knee to Elbow (L Side)

Freefall to Plyo Push-Up (Hollow Body)
Starting from the knees, freefall to push-up position on the inhale. Exhale, quickly and explosively push yourself back up to kneeling position, moving through hollow body position. (3 sets x 10 reps)

Overhead Squat Jumps
Begin in wide squat, arms into prep position for overhead squat. Each jump, arms will move overhead. Upon landing in squat, arms return to overhead squat prep. (3 sets x 15 reps)

Try to rest as little as possible in between sets. This mini-plyo workout is great for boosting your early morning metabolism. If you are trying to change your body composition (i.e. body fat), try this workout first thing in the morning after waking and drinking a glass of water. When finished, make your 30g of protein shake -- and have an AMAZING day!!