Congratulations to Our New BUTI Instructors

After an extremely challenging 3-day Teacher Training in Los Angeles, two lovely ladies emerged victorious -- Jennifer Lindsay and Kris Egger. Both ladies pushed themselves to the limit in a physical fitness test that included pull-ups, push ups, thrusters, sit-ups, and sprints, among others.
Jennifer Lindsay (with Kalina)

Kris Egger (In Dancer)
As many of you know, we take pride in the level of physical fitness it takes to pass our training course. Our physical fitness test was formulated specifically to assess the strength, endurance and stamina of each prospective BUTI instructor. For every category, we offer a goal to place you in INT or ADV standing. To pass the LEVEL 1 BUTI training, you must score in at least INT in every exercise. For LEVEL 2, you must score in ADV. Both Jennifer and Kris maintained ADV standing in almost every category. Their enthusiasm and drive blew me away and I am so honored to have you both as BUTI Instructors. We did have a few students that did not pass -- and to you I say keep trying! Re-test until you reach your benchmarks! With dedication and practice -- it will happen!

Unfortunately along the way, we also lost a few dedicated BUTIsattvas to the stomach flu. You know who you are lovely ladies and you know that we will be holding a make-up session for all of you in January (Fitness Test Included). Don't let the flu set you back on your fitness goals. Stay in shape and don't let the holidays get you down!

Stay Fit & Healthy for the Holidays!

Bizzie Gold
Founder, BUTI Fitness