Six-Packs Are The New Skinny

Remember how trendy it was to be skinny? Everyone wanted to look like a runway model. Lindsay Lohan and other celebrities were withering away right in front of our eyes -- wasting away to nothing but skin and bones. Well, let me be the first to say with pride -- six-pack abs are the new skinny! Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel remind us how sexy it is to have strong muscles and a little meat on their bones. The days of getting on the treadmill and running yourself to death are over!

Fitness trends are changing. Studies have shown the importance of varying your workouts and including interval or circuit training to maximize fat loss and muscle gain. BUTI specializes in interval training with short bursts of intense plyometric drills and conditioning. Our BUTI 30-Day Challenge girls are melting away body fat and excess weight, dropping as much as 6 lbs. and 5% body fat in 10 days. At BUTI, we love our six-pack abs and eating healthy. Starvation and 4-hour treadmill runs DON'T work! Trading your overall health to be skinny is not worth it! Stick to a fitness program like BUTI with fun, high-intensity workouts and watch your intake of sugar and grains. Your six-pack abs will thank you!

Skinny = Yuck!!!