Egoism or Self-Confidence: An Honest Exploration of Self

I can't tell you how many times I have entered a heated debate about the presence of mirrors in a yoga studio. Many traditional yoga teachers feel that it promotes egoism in the class-- and while I believe that may be true for certain individuals-- I think the presence of mirrors in a BUTI class are critical. In my opinion, mirrors help students correct their posture by matching their intangible body awareness to a picture of proper alignment. I also genuinely believe that students motivate themselves to work harder when they see themselves in the mirror. Thoughts race through your mind about the level of sweat you see (or lack thereof), feelings of self-confidence and pride in your commitment to your practice. When I teach BUTI, I often glance around the room to look at the expressions on my student's faces. They are all smiling through their fatigue and exhaustion, motivated by their image in the mirror. Is this egoism?

I personally don't think so. I think there is a line that separates self-confidence from egoism. Self-confidence is when you wake-up in the morning and feel that you can accomplish any task at hand, that you have pride in the hard hours of work you put into your workouts, and that you can see the RESULTS and that motivates you to keep WORKING HARDER. Egoism is when you see your self in the mirror and have thoughts of self-importance or cutting down other people to make yourself feel better. The two maybe hard to decipher from an outsiders perspective -- but YOU know the truth when you lay your head down at night and drift to sleep in your own thoughts. Are they thoughts of self-confidence and motivation or are they thoughts of egoism and negativity?

I know that I have had moments during my early adulthood that have bordered on egoism. For me, having a baby changed all of that. There is nothing like 50 extra pounds and a few stretch marks to give your ego a serious blow. When I was faced with getting rid of the excessive weight I had put on during my pregnancy, I was forced to completely let go of my ego. I poured everything I had into teaching BUTI and eating meticulously. And for the first time, I did all of this to FEEL better and to be STRONGER and to have more ENERGY to be with my daughter -- not just to be skinny or fit into a certain pair of jeans. This was a major shift for me, not only as a person but as an instructor. I realized that I was finally in a place to truly help inspire other women to make the same changes. With all of the hip opening and rump shaking, BUTI forces you to face all of your emotional issues -- sexual, emotional, confidence, power, relationships -- you name it and BUTI will throw it in your face to deal with it NOW! BUTI has changed me forever. We all support one another and work hard inspire confidence and motivation in every BUTI student. I am self-confident, powerful, and sexy --- and you will be too!