How To Lose Body Fat --- Fast!

As BUTI instructors, we take pride in our toned physique. Some may ask, is this vanity or a genuine desire to feel healthy? And we ask, can't it be a be a little of both?

After recently being pregnant, I can say wholeheartedly that being fit and toned is not purely vanity for me. I was miserable being pregnant. My tiny 5' 2" frame felt like it was going to snap every time I took a step. Now that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 106 1lbs., I feel like a million bucks. I can run, jump, dance, shake my BUTI -- and all because I'm in the best shape of my life -- and it just so happens that feeling this good makes my stomach and BUTI look good too.

Taking BUTI consistently throughout the week can work wonders for sculpting the body and keeping you limber, but we can never forget about our nutrition. Diet will always affect your body's tone, shape and cardiovascular level. Aside from the obvious nutritional guidelines of limiting sugar, cutting out Gluten, eating your greens -- we have recently been turned onto a FLAT-OUT miracle! Eating 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking in the morning has literally changed my life. According to The 4-Hour Body, ingesting 30g of protein jump starts your metabolism (BMR) and gives your body all of the necessary proteins it needs to manufacture important cells and growth factors for the day. It gives me a significant energy boost and keeps me feeling full until 11 or 12 in the afternoon. A few simple tricks can help you stick to the plan and drop body fat FAST!

  • No fruits or sugars with your 30g of protein 
  • Use almond or coconut milk for a naturally sweet shake
  • Add in a green powder supplement for added nutrition
  • Blend with ice to make it thicker without adding fruit
  • Make sure your protein powder does not have sugar or sucralose!!
  • Suggested protein powders include: SunWarrior Vegan Protein & Jay Robb Egg White Protein
It is such an easy way to boost metabolism and give you a little extra energy! Feel free to email us with any questions! bizzie@butiyoga.com